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Saudi King visits Japan, seeks help in diversifying economy

Saudi King visits Japan, seeks help in diversifying economy

Saudi King Salman met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the sides discussed ways to bolster Japanese investment and trade in the Saudi Arabia, possibly by setting up special economic zones there.

King Salman visits Japan, the royal delegation came on 10 aircraft, about a thousand businesspeople from Saudi Arabia are looking for the new business opportunities in Japan.

The talks between King Salman and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe focusing on the economy, as the country seeks a less oil-dependent growth strategy. According to Mr Abe, his country wants to “vigorously advance its ties with Saudi Arabia, which is the linchpin of stability in the Middle East.”

The fact of visit Saudi leader to Japan is very important in the relations between countries, earlier, Saudi Arabia king visited Japan more recently as crown prince.

Saudi King Salman

Saudi Arabia and Japan talks

The two leaders agreed to develop an economic growth through the special economic zones, such approach will help to promote Japanese manufacturing and investment. The issues of seawater desalination and promoting renewable energy were discussed too, both countries vowed to cooperate as well.

On Monday, King Salman met with Fumio Kishida, while on Tuesday, another important meeting was planned. The powerful SoftBank Group Corp Chairman Masayoshi Son will meet Saudi leader, last October the sides agreed to pursue the SoftBank Vision Fund, now it’s time to realise these plans to create this $100 billion technology-investment structure.

SoftBank Group