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Scientists revealed why women freeze their eggs

Scientists revealed why women freeze their eggs

The recent research revealed the reason why women want to freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons, the Yale University conducted interviews with 150 women who had chosen such an option, Telegraph reported. More mothers are waiting until later in life to have children, but pregnancy after 50 is still quite rare, a Hollywood actress Brigitte Nielsen is one of those brave and positive women.

The scientists from Yale University say that elective egg freezing due to career considerations was the least common of the reasons given by women without a partner at the time. In fact, women want to keep their ‘reserved’ egg just in case, that procedure “empowers women to wait for Mr Right rather than settling for Mr Alright”.

According to another research, fewer than eight per cent of women opt for freezing go on to use those eggs. Meanwhile, those with partners said they froze their eggs either because their male partner was not ready to have a child, the relationship was too new or uncertain, or the partner simply refused.

The Danish scientists from the University of Copenhagen also conducted interviews with men in their 20s and found they commonly wanted to succeed in their careers before considering whether or not to have children. Professor Nicholas Macklon concluded that such different views on the eggs is a slightly ironic outcome of the changes to society.

Under modern circumstances, women may have found Mr Right but convincing him that now is the right time to start a family is probably going to be harder because men realise they are going to have to take more of the burden. However, the campaigners are currently lobbying for a change in the law which forces clinics to destroy eggs that have been frozen for non-medical reasons after 10 years.

The statistical data shows 76,000 egg-freezing procedures are expected to take place in the US this year. Since 2010, at least 471 babies have been born from frozen eggs in the UK.