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‘Several’ Sudanese soldiers killed in Ethiopian attack

‘Several’ Sudanese soldiers killed in Ethiopian attack

Sudan’s armed forces (AF) confirmed on Saturday that armed cells and militias linked to the Ethiopian military had killed “several” soldiers in an attack. 

Another attack in a disputed fertile border region resulted in the death of at least six Sudanese soldiers. They were killed on Saturday in an attack by Ethiopian forces on a Sudanese army post near Al-Fashaqa, Sudanese military sources said.

As Gulf Today reports, current relations between Khartoum and Addis Ababa have soured over Al-Fashaqa, a border zone long cultivated by Ethiopian farmers but claimed by Sudan.

“Our forces tasked with securing the harvest in Al-Fashaqa… were attacked by groups of Ethiopian army forces and militias, who sought to intimidate farmers and spoil the harvest season,” Sudan’s army’s statement reads but gaves no details.

Commenting on the tragic incident, Sudanese army said its troops “repelled the attack” and “inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipment” on the Ethiopian side. But the attack left “several killed” among Sudanese forces, the AF added.

Earlier, the Sudanese side wrote on Facebook that groups of the Ethiopian army and militias attacked its forces in Al-Fashaqa. The clash resulted in deaths and inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipment on the attackers.