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South Korea approves J&J COVID-19 vaccine

South Korea approves J&J COVID-19 vaccine

South Korea has approved the use of Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot coronavirus vaccine as the country faces the next wave of infection.

The Asian country’s Food and Drug Safety Ministry has granted final approval for the use of J & J’s vaccine against the novel pathogen. In April, the South Korean health authorities reported the surge in corona infection cases. Now, the health ministry pushes ahead with its vaccination campaign, the News1 agency has learned on Wednesday.

The decision was made after a panel of South Korean advisers last week recommended that the single-dose shot was safe and effective, the report said.

The J&J vaccine marks the third COVID-19 vaccine to be authorised in South Korea, following ones from AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech, both of which require two doses.