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South Korea approves new envoy to Japan to restore ties

South Korea approves new envoy to Japan to restore ties

South Korea and Japan are ready to restore the ties, said the Blue House on Monday. The new ambassador was appointed Tokyo in a bid to restore ties with the neighbouring nation, Andalou Agency reports.

Moon Jae-in has announced the rebooting of ties between South Korea and Japan. To revive the diplomatic and trade relations, Kang Chang-il was appointed as the new ambassador to Japan.

Being an expert on Tokyo-related affairs, Kang becomes the perfect choice, President believes. He viewed Kang as reflecting his determination to resolve pending issues that have strained Seoul-Tokyo ties. One of the most vulnerable aspects between the neighbouring nations remains a dispute over the compensation of wartime forced labor victims.

The Japanese-Korean diplomatic relations remained at an all-time low over the past year after a South Korean court asked Japanese companies to compensate the victims of forced labor during Japan’s colonial rule over the Korean Peninsula.

Rejecting the ruling, Japan said a 1965 agreement between the two countries had ended the issue. Thus, the dispute between Seoul and Tokyo spilled over into trade and military issues.

On Sept. 24, newly-elected Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed to speed up negotiations for an early agreement to resume business trips.