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South Sudan: heavy fighting as a risk of returning to civil war

South Sudan: heavy fighting as a risk of returning to civil war

South Sudan as a poor and very turbulent region of Africa is on the edge of civil war. Current heavy fighting is another factor for keeping an unstable and nervous situation in the country. On Monday tanks and helicopters raged between troops who support the president Kiir and supporters of the vice president Machar.

South Sudan is risking to return to civil war if current instability will take place. The violence intensified early on Monday, Japan started an evacuation of its humanitarian personnel because of a high risk of armed conflict and even a civil war.

According to Reuters, the clashes between the forces of President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar intensifying. These two leaders never were too friendly to each other. The vice Riek Machar is the former rebel leader, his way up to the leader of South Sudan was a classical deal. Machar was promoted to the vice president under one condition: he ends a two-year civil war in the country.

On 10 July, the U.N. Security Council Kiir and Machar rein in their forces and end the clashes. Instead of it, their troops intensifying the armed conflict. It is very dangerous practice because of further destabilizing a region.