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Sudan removes 151 judges over their links with Bashir regime

Sudan removes 151 judges over their links with Bashir regime

Following the ousting of the regime of ex-President Omar Al-Bashir and its security apparatus, the new Sudanese authorities have started the cleaning of the judicial system.

The National Empowerment Elimination, Anti-Corruption and Funds Recovery Committee have announced on Sunday removing of 151 judges from their posts. All of these lawyers have been linked to the former ruler.

The anti-corruption committee official, Salah Manna, confirmed that a body has also taken possession of five money transfer ATMs owned by the dissolved National Congress Party and transferred them to the Ministry of Finance. In addition, the Committee made a few other important moves. For instance, it dissolved the board of directors of the Nile Bank, which is owned by the leader of the dissolved National Congress Party, Haji Atta Al-Mannan.

According to Mr Manna, six board members of the Family Bank were expelled. Among others, 30 Sudanese Airlines workers, 341 employees in the Ministry of Energy and Mining, 55 employees in the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company, and six employees in the Civil Aviation Authority also were fired over the association with Bashir’s regime.

In its efforts to clean the staff from the potential corruptions, Anti-Corruption and Funds Recovery Committee decided to terminate the working contracts of a number of professors from the International University of Africa and the university’s Board of Trustees.

Sudan and the US are normalizing ties: Mike Pompeo

Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo touched down in Khartoum Tuesday after a direct flight from Israel to Sudan on Tuesday on what he said was the first official non-stop flight between the two countries as Washington promotes stronger Sudan-Israel ties.

“Happy to announce that we are on the FIRST official NON-STOP flight from Israel to Sudan!” Mike Pompeo wrote on Twitter.

The African nation has been restoring its own ties with Washington following the unseating of ex-ruler Omar al-Bashir in April 2019. Thus, Sudan is pushing to be removed from the list of countries that the US considers state sponsors of terrorism.

Surely, Pompeo’s visit is part of a regional tour following an accord between Israel and the UAE this month to forge full relations and comes as Israel and the White House push more Arab nations to follow.