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Sweden cuts waiting period for COVID booster to three months

Sweden cuts waiting period for COVID booster to three months

Sweden’s health authorities now recommend a shorter interval between the second and third dose of the coronavirus vaccine from five to three months.

In Sweden, the period between the COVID-19 vaccine’s doses become shorter, said the Public Health Agency (PHA). As of February 1st, more than 45 percent of Swedes 18+ have been given a booster dose, but the current omicron wave requires speeding up the process.

The winter recommendations come three weeks after Sweden reduced the booster waiting time from six to five months, a decision that came later than many other European neighbours.

Last month, Denmark offered the third dose four and a half months after the second, Italy four months, Spain five months, and Germany, France and England three months.

Taking into account the fast-spreading omicron variant, Sweden recommends using half a dose of Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine or a full dose of Pfizer/Biontech’s Comirnaty as the 3rd dose. The latter is recommended for people from 18 to 31 years old.

Swedish regions are responsible for their own healthcare, so it is ultimately up to them to decide how and when to roll out boosters to more people, although they are generally likely to follow the PHA’s advice.