Today: Tuesday, 23 April 2024 year

The South American Refugee Route

The absurdity regarding the so called security of America’s borders takes another big hit as it’s revealed that the global refugee effort has already been using Central and South American routes to get refugees into the United States.

It’s a global racket that has been going on for some time and there looks like no end in sight considering the bounty of money, prostitution, stolen goods, and cheap labor the smuggling offers. People from Asia, Africa, Eurasia, Middle East and all points have continuously used the lower Americas to sneak into the U.S., where jobs and opportunity and family await them.

The process is laid out in simple terms but the effort behind it all would make it next to impossible for the U.S. Government to thwart. It involves tens of thousands of people who do the helping and smuggling. Mostly people fly to countries like Brazil or Colombia or Venezuela and from there hook up with smugglers who often take dangerous and every changing routes to finally get to the northern borders a trek of some thousand miles through thick jungle, dense forests, hazardous swamps and mountains, and of course broiling deserts infested with venomous creatures.

Experts put the price tag on each refugee at around $12,000 per head and there is a chain of change offs at that. Some smugglers take the refugees a few hundred miles and get paid for that, then another group takes them another 50 miles and gets paid and so on and so on until they reach USA firma.

Since the visa rules are lax in such countries and even if busted the refugees ignore the probation periods of a few days and keep on trekking, there’s no way to corral this number of people except at the borders of the countries like Honduras or Mexico. Their borders are smaller than the U.S./Mexican border but because of corruption and sympathy, getting those countries to put up a defense is like talking to a brick wall. It’s not going to happen.

So far refugees from Syria have been detained. Fears that Al-Qaeda or ISIS will sneak through already abound and it’s a good bet that both terrorist organizations have hundreds of operatives in the U.S., using these routes already and more to come.

The federal government, especially the Department of Homeland Security keep trying to assure the American people that they’re on the job, but the math is overwhelming to the contrary. Even ISIS and Al-Qaeda have admitted to using these routes to smuggle in operatives long before the issue became headline news since the November 13th Paris massacres.

It’s high time the U.S., with all its funding and technology, deploy men and materiel to the U.S./Mexican border and do so in force. Only the outcry of the American people will get this done because if just one, just one, terrorist act is committed by a refugee that got through the back door, heads will roll in Washington, and if it happens before the 2016 elections, the Republicans will walk away with the win via a landslide.