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Trump to meet with Turkish President Erdogan at White House

Trump to meet with Turkish President Erdogan at White House

Donald Trump and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan will have a meeting at the White House on Tuesday. In April, both leaders had a phone conversation, during which the plans for on May 16 were synchronised.

President Erdogan arrives in the U.S. on May 15 directly from China, where he will attend an international forum. The first in-person meeting between Erdoğan and Trump will take place on May 16 in the White House. Earlier, Mr Erdogan expressed support for Trump when the U.S. government fired missiles at Syrian planes in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack in April.

Weeks after congratulating Erdogan after a controversial referendum win, Trump will welcome Turkey's president at the White House. (AP images)

The Turkish leader has expressed his hope that the US is ready to reload the relation between two countries. The conversation on Tuesday should constitute a fresh start in Turkey-U.S. ties, the Turkish side believes that President Trump will reverse his decision to arm Syrian Kurdish groups, the activity of that Ankara qualify as terrorist organisations.

“There is a still a transition process in the U.S. We can see this. We should be much more careful and sensitive because of this ongoing transition process,”

noted Erdogan.

Erdogan’s delegation for the United States visit

The press service of President Erdogan reported that the high-level delegation will include the Hulusi Akar, Hakan Fidan, and İbrahim Kalın who held preliminary talks in last week.

“Now we are going to hold the highest level talks with Mr Trump, which will be in the format of a full-stop rather than a comma,”

the Turkish President said, noting the utmost importance of the upcoming visit.

Up to date, Turkey’s fighting against ISIS is the most effective, others countries weren’t successful in it, stressed President Erdogan. The Turkish Armed Forces had long been pursuing a heavy fight against all terror organisations inside and outside Turkey, which will continue in northern Iraq and Syria.