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Ukraine conflict: UN warns of dangerous deterioration on East

Ukraine conflict: UN warns of dangerous deterioration on East

The UN warns of another and very dangerous development on the east of Ukraine: last week, on the disputed territories the international observers registered the splash of violence.

The Un and its Security Council warns of a ‘dangerous deterioration’ in Ukraine, the eastern part of the country became again a war zone with the tank fire and renewed fighting. This situation concerns very much the United Nations because the violence has the direct and severe impact on the civilian population.

The Europe is experiencing another war conflict. last week Ukraine became a news headliner because of the renewing the war in the east of the country. The UN has already called on warring sides to halt the violence but there is no response, both sides of the conflict are too busy with the war activities.

Ukrainian servicemen cook near a tent set to warm local residents of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region after the town's heating was damaged by shells on 31 January 2017.

Te UN about the Ukraine and the war conflict in the heart of Europe

The UN said that since the renewing the war conflict in the East Ukraine seven soldiers and a number of rebels have been killed. The number of civilian injuries and casualties in the period of deteriorated situation is still unknown. The UNSC is warning both sides of the conflict that the renewing fighting is having a ‘severe impact’ on civilians.

According to the Ukrainian government, the preparation for the possible evacuation of the Avdiivka is in stand-by mode, the authorities are ready to avoid a humanitarian crisis in the region. While the fighting is going on, each side blames the other for the upsurge in violence.

The UN statistics says that since the start of the conflict in 2014, more than 9,700 people have died in the war zone. The fighting erupted after the annexation by Russia the part of Ukraine — its southern Crimea peninsula. That anti diplomatical movement of Russia was nailed down by another one: pro-Russian rebels have been launched an insurgency in the east of Ukraine. The fire of conflict is still going on, last week UN and other international mission have registered a serious deterioration of the situation over there.