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Ukraine: Martial laws comes to an end after 30 days

Ukraine: Martial laws comes to an end after 30 days

Ukraine has declared the martial law 30 days ago, right after the incident in Kerch Strait between Ukrainian and Russian vessels. Today, the declared 30-day-long period is ended, BBC reported.

Amid continuing tensions with Russia in the Kerch Strait, Ukraine’s government preferred to declare the martial law in many parts of the country. It was declared after the capture of three Ukrainian naval vessels and 24 sailors by Russian forces in November.  Ukraine called November sea case a “provocation”, while Russia tagged that just ‘an incident’.

The martial law was in force in 10 regions of Ukraine along the Black Sea and the borders with Russia, Belarus and Moldova. During the emergency period, Ukrainian armed forces were put on combat readiness and reservists were called up. According to the special measure, Russian men aged 16 to 60 were barred from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said earlier this month that he did not plan to extend martial law unless there was a large-scale attack from Russia.

Incident or ‘act of aggression’?

The naval forces from the two countries clashed off Crimea, a disputed territory which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. Ukraine still believes its ships had needed no Russian permission to cross the strait, and the Ukrainian sailors were taken captive during the incident which Russia called an “act of aggression”.

Russia opened fire on and later captured three Ukrainian vessels, claiming they had illegally entered its waters. after such an incident, Ukrainian President has declared the martial law for 30 days, which has ended today.