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Unusual US Zika virus case baffles experts

Unusual US Zika virus case baffles experts

The US experts are investigating now are trying to work out exactly how an American carer has caught Zika. This elderly patient man with the virus has died. As known, the Zika virus is spreading through the bites of Aedes aegypti, mother-to-child transmission in the womb or sexual contacts with the infected person. The deceased carer, from Utah, did not have any of these known risk aspects, so uncommon US Zika virus case baffles experts.

The medical experts are trying to work out exactly how an old man from Utah got the Zika virus, which killed him. US officials from the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) said they are monitoring this unusual situation and carrying out more tests to understand the way of infecting.

However, experts stress that the chance of spread from one person to another without sexual contact is still very tiny if it exists at all. According to the CDC data,  the patient who died in June from Zika infection, had travelled to the country where Zika-mosquitoes Aedes aegypti are present.

Lab tests of the died patient’s blood showed uniquely high present of the virus in it – more than 100,000 times higher than common infected samples. The emergency response team of CDC is interviewing now the family members of the carer and their family members who may contact with deceased. Another mission of this special team is trapping and testing local mosquitoes, said CDC’s officials.