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Venezuela: Juan Guaido stripped of parliamentary immunity

Venezuela: Juan Guaido stripped of parliamentary immunity

Juan Guaido, a Venezuelan opposition leader, has been stripped of immunity from prosecution, The Guardian reported on Wednesday. that move could even pave the way to his arrest while Nicolas Maduro is still a legitimate president of the Latin American country.

Venezuela’s constituent assembly, which is backed by President Maduro, acted on a request from the Supreme Court to remove the parliamentary immunity possessed by Mr Guaido because of his position as president of the National Assembly. Guaido’s disobeying a law caused the stripping his immunity from prosecution after he violated the constitution by declaring himself interim president in January.

Despite the vocal support of the European countries and the White House, Juan Guaido still is fighting for the presidential post. The rivalry between Maduro and Washington-backed Guaido just has deepened the socio-economy crisis in Venezuela. For millions of disenfranchised citizens, Ugo Chávez’s Bolivarian revolution represented the possibility of social, economic and racial inclusion in a profoundly lopsided society. Alas, the Maduro presidency has disappointed them a lot.

Many Venezuelans believe that Nicolas Maduro is a monster but he is the legitimate president despite Juan Guaido’s efforts to prove he is a national leader, not Maduro. Venezuelans have tired of their rivalry, which made their life even more complicated than before. The regular blackouts and hyperinflations are the only things the ordinary citizens are able to wait for so far.

Now, with Venezuelans lives upended by the economic and social disaster unleashed under Maduro, many of those same marchers are turning on Chávez’s successor in what could prove a fatal blow to his reign.