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Venezuelan president calls to resume discipline in quarantine

Venezuelan president calls to resume discipline in quarantine

Venezuelan President called all citizens to keep the faith and conscious spirit of the social quarantine to prevent the spread of the novel infection originated in China last December.

Nicolas Maduro calls the Venezuelan top officials not to forget the discipline amid the coronacrisis. As the head of state wrote on his Twitter, all ministers, governors, mayors and leaders of our people should obey the rules of the social, collective and conscious quarantine.

‘Let’s not give up, it’s dangerous! No mass or public acts. Discipline and cohesion are necessary to be raised to the highest level. Let’s not to be discouraged!,’ Maduro posted on his Twitter account on Sunday.

As Prensa Latins says, executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez has reported on Monday on twelve new COVID-19 cases in Venezuela. People were tested positive in the country this Sunday, so the number of cases raised to 414 so far.

Commenting on the coronavirus situation, Rodriguez warned that Nueva Esparta remains as the state with the highest number of recorded cases (129), followed by Miranda (100), Aragua (36), Capital District (33) and Tachira (24).

The poor Latin American country has experienced quarantine relaxation days for children and older adults during the weekends, however, public health authorities insist on preserving the mandatory use of the protective masks and the social distancing measures. Those simple but effective measures are able to avoid a massive outbreak, as part of the relative normalization plan in Venezuela.