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Vietnam calls on parties in Yemen to accept UN-led peace proposal

Vietnam calls on parties in Yemen to accept UN-led peace proposal

Vietnam’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations called on all relevant parties in Yemen to accept the UN-led peace proposal. In his Monday address to the Security Council, Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy urged the sides for prudence.

On Monday, the speakers noted that military escalation has continued in many corners of Yemen. In a war-torn country, there is an urgent and underscored need for a nationwide ceasefire to resolve current deadlocks. The pause in hostilities would give an impulse to the resumption of political dialogues among parties, Quy said.

With regard to the Safer oil tanker off Yemen’s coast, the countries urged the Houthis to let the UN technical team access the vessel to perform duties.

The UN condemned attacks against civilians, particularly women and children, and appealed for an end to military actions as well as efforts to be promoted to cope with the difficulties facing Yemen. The Security Council members called for unimpeded access to humanitarian assistance and the protection of civilians.

Many states urged the Houthis to cooperate with the UN

To handle the issue of the Safer oil tanker, it is important to cooperate, said Hans Grundberg, former EU Ambassador to Yemen, as the new Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the war-torn nation.

Ambassador Quy asked all parties to cooperate with Special Envoy Hans Grundberg, supporting the UNICEF appeal for upholding children’s right to education, and cooperating with one another to achieve sustainable and inclusive peace in Yemen.

The Vietnamese diplomat also urged relevant parties to step up the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement and the Riyadh Agreement. In his address on Monday, Quy offered deep condolences to Haiti in these difficult times, noting that the top priority now is to increase humanitarian relief and ensure security for the earthquake-hit places.

The ambassador also called on the international community to increase assistance to Haiti.