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Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump agree there is ‘No military solution’ to war in Syria

Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump agree there is ‘No military solution’ to war in Syria

The Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart met on the sidelines of a regional summit in Vietnam. Both leaders of the superpowers agreed that for Syrian conflict there is ‘no military solution’.

Russia and the United States’ armed forces take part in the Syrian war, so prior to the meeting of Putin and Trump in Vietnam, there had been mixed messages regarding the possible leaders’ conversation. Presidents held a brief face-to-face discussion during the APEC summit in Danang, that was a brief but the fruitful meeting.

According to the Russian-American presidential joint statement, for war in Syria, there was “no military solution”. The statement confirmed that two presidents had made progress on Syria, which has been torn by six years of bloody civil war. The cost of rebuilding the country from the ruins is unbelievable high, and it is not about the damaging of its historical heritage but people’s loss as well.

The US and Russia have backed competing factions in the bloody conflict, an agreement on the next steps towards peace is rare.

“The presidents agreed that there is no military solution to the conflict in Syria,”

the joint presidential statement reads. That is an encouraging moment that both sides, the US and Russia, confirmed their ‘determination to defeat ISIS’.

The statement expressed satisfaction with efforts to prevent incidents between their respective forces in Syria, that document was the result of “months of fairly intense discussions” and was finalised on the margins of the APEC summit between diplomats. It represents Russia’s firm commitment to the UN backed peace process as well.

The single fact that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shook their hands in Vietnam means a lot, believes the political observers.