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Vladimir Putin ‘personally involved’ in US hack, NBC claims

Vladimir Putin ‘personally involved’ in US hack, NBC claims

Vladimir Putin could make the key decisions to start the hacking operations in order to revenge Hillary Clinton, says NBC. According to the US intelligence officials’, Mr Putin was personally involved in hacking while 2016 US Presidental campaign.

The United States and its intelligence officials say that Vladimir Putin personally instructed how material hacked from US Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. About these actions of the Russian president said the American television network NBC. The journalists were quoting two senior officials with access to this information who have a ‘high level of confidence’ in this new assessment, NBC informed.

The hacking incident with Democrats servers got its new development last weekend. The Washington Post reported a CIA evaluation that Russia had hacked the emails of US persons and institutions as a way to sway the election in favour of Republican Trump.

Mr Putin has an elephant memory, this man never forgiven Clinton and her publicly questioning the integrity of parliamentary elections in 2011 in Russia. Being then a State secretary, she made Putin feel no good, he even accused her of encouraging street protests.

Hillary Clinton’s first meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin as secretary of state, in March 2010

Putin and Hillary Clinton: from 2011 to 2016

Five years after the humiliation, Vladimir Putin instructed the hackers to break the Democrat’s database. As a result, Clinton’s presidential campaign failed, Mr Trump won on 8 November. Leading American lawmakers have called for a formal congressional investigation into the hacking.

In preparation for possible retaliation, US intelligence agencies have intensified their investigations into Putin’s personal wealth, NBC said, citing US officials.

Trump, who has spoken warmly of Putin, has dismissed as “ridiculous” the allegation that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and people close to Clinton.