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Western intervention in Syria risks new waves of migrants to Europe, says Lavrov

Western intervention in Syria risks new waves of migrants to Europe, says Lavrov

Sergei Lavrov warned that Western intervention in Syria would lead to new waves of migrants to Europe, Independent reported. On Friday, Theresa May and Russian foreign minister continued to tense the relations between their countries.

Russian op diplomat warned the United Kingdom and its Western allies that situation in Syria is very fragile. During the press conference in Moscow, Lavrov said even small acts could cause the ‘new waves of migrants to Europe’, moreover, a lot of other developments that aren’t at all needed, either by Russia or the European neighbours and can only gratify those who are protected by an ocean.

Alexander Yakovenko, Russia’s ambassador to the UK, supported Lavrov, adding that the UK military action in Syria would mark the latest in a series of reckless military adventures by the UK if it was taken in violation of international law. According to Mr Yakovenko, his country is concerned by the decision of Ms May’s cabinet to “take action” against Syria.

During her address MPs on Wednesday, PM following her deadline for Russia to provide a “credible” explanation for the attack on Skripals.

“There will be no attendance by ministers – or indeed members of the Royal Family – at this summer’s World Cup in Russia,”

Theresa May told.

Prom minister underlined it was “not in our national interest to break off” all Russian-British dialogue, but in the aftermath of this appalling act against our country, this relationship can’t be the same. Consequently, all high-level bilateral contacts between the UK and Russia will be suspended as planned.