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WHO recommends stricter use of face masks amid 2nd wave of corona

WHO recommends stricter use of face masks amid 2nd wave of corona

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a fresh set of recommendations. For the second wave of the corona infection, rules are stricter, especially on wearing personal protective equipment like face masks.

The top medical organization has tightened its guidelines on wearing face masks, taking into account the aggressive virus. Advising almost non-stop using of the face masks, WHO insists that PPE like that must be worn by everyone in hospitals and for all interactions in poorly-ventilated indoor spaces.

WHO believes that people aged 12 or over should always wear masks indoor. The public places like shops, workplaces and schools where there is a lack of adequate ventilation requires wearing of PPEs.

In June, the WHO urged governments to ask everyone to wear fabric masks in indoor and outdoor public areas where there was a risk of transmission of the virus.

Since June, when the WHO advice to wear the face masks, the situation has changed. During the second wave, the global medical body has changed in advice. In the UK, face coverings are compulsory in shops, supermarkets, public transport and NHS settings such as hospitals and GP surgeries. “This is most relevant for short periods indoors in crowded areas,” the UK government added.

In areas of COVID-19 spread, it also advised “universal” wearing of medical masks in health care facilities, including when caring for other patients. The WHO advice applied to visitors, outpatients and to common areas such as cafeterias and staff rooms.