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Wild bees lose the fight for flowers

Wild bees lose the fight for flowers

Scientists say that during the latest decade wild bees lose the fight for flowers, and the problem of pollination is rising year by year. Massive death of wild bees and bumblebees is another problem of the Mother Nature. Apiarists appeal to create as many as possible beehives for keeping the wild bees population on a proper level. 

Wild bees and bumblebees are great pollinators, and their massive death during a long period negatively influents on the nature eco balance. A study from Lund University in Sweden shows that the competition among bees for food is formidable. Wild bees end up drawing the shortest straw, and in areas where the researchers set up hives of honeybees the bumblebees disappeared almost entirely.

Research led by Swedish apiarists at 10 different sites (within 1 km from a bee hive, however) around Skåne in South Sweden showed that the honeybees are the winners in the fight for food. The wild bees and the bumblebees had buzzed off. According to the researcher Lina Herbertsson of Lund University, their first experiment was aimed at the competition between domesticated honeybees and wild bees. Such a competition really exists, moreover, it  is clear and simple, according to the laws of nature.

In fact, the most important thing for the keeping population of wild bees is a resource supply. In other words, clarity is needed about how many plants there are that produce various pollens and nectar throughout a season in any given area, says Danish apiarist Ødegaard.