Angelina Jolie hires real-life Olivia Pope to minimize the scandal with divorce

September 30, 2016

Angelina Jolie on the second week of his stellar divorce was amazed what a fire is raging in the media about her name. And how much it hurts her six kids. The Jolie’s team is vying to minimize the divorce scandal by the referring to the crisis specialist like real-life Olivia Pope.

According to People, Angelina has reportedly hired crisis manager Judy Smith, who inspired actress Kerry Washington’s character Olivia on “Scandal.” From now, Judy Smith put her extra skills to the test this “family situation” and help Mrs. Jolie-Pitt exit her marriage unscathed.

Angelina Jolie rocks the boat too much, say her colleagues. In Hollywood, divorces are the common thing, but Jolie’s case is extraordinary. Angelina and Brad have six children, and prior starting the scandalous divorce, Angie should think about kids. Real-life Olivia Pope will have to do her best to minimize the consequences of Jolie’s behavior.

Judy Smith for Jolie's divorce

Angie says Brad is the bad father, but what about herself? Six kids now are living in the siege of paparazzi, so what kind of life they will have during the divorce process? Meanwhile, Jolie is alleging her husband, Brad Pitt in this ugly situation is keeping himself as a gentleman, a loving father and husband.