House of Cards theory hints Season 5 might be last for Frank Underwood, not for Claire

April 18, 2017

House of Cards will soon reveal the secrets of its Season 5, and the theorists suggest that the fifth batch of episodes will be the last for Frank Underwood. So far, the fans don’t know exactly what to expect from the next episodes but everyone wants one – the never ending appearance of Claire.

The return of House of Cards in May will answer many questions, the principal one is whether Kevin Spacey will play in the Season 6? Many fans believe that the upcoming season will be the swansong for the American actor, consequently, the lead character of Frank Underwood will no longer be shown.

House of Crads cast at the premiere of the third season

Up to date, Netflix has already aired four seasons ‘House of cards’, the political TV-series became extremely popular after the very first episodes. The powerful political intrigues, as well as the perfect play of all cast, made this Netflix project the favourite.

Even Barack Obama is a fan of the House of Cards, he went so far as to tweet “No spoilers, please,” prior to the Season 2 premiere.

Facts about House of Cards

The trailer for ‘House of cards’ Season 5 is available below, the premiere date is arriving May 30, 2017, mark your calendar. Did you know, that Beau Willimon, creator of the American version of the TV-show, also worked for a range of well-known political figures including Chuck Schumer, Hilary Clinton, and Howard Dean? He knows what he does!