Steven Spielberg Promises Not to Kill Harrison Ford in ‘Indiana Jones 5’

June 16, 2016

Steven Spielberg has many ideas regarding the next episode ‘Indiana Jones 5’. So far, the director promises not to kill Harrison Ford, and this one is amazing news. Being a lot enigmatic, the Hollywood filmmaker in his recent interview assured that he has no intention to make Indiana dead.

The upcoming movie ‘Indiana Jones 5’ and its secrets weren’t unveiled by the director Steven Spielberg. The filmmaker said a lot, but he is remaining tight-lipped about the upcoming installment of the franchise. Even an extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter couldn’t reveal any major spoiler about Indiana Jones.

Actually, the film destiny of Indiana Jones is clear so far Steven Spielberg won’t kill this American hero. So, the fifth episode with Harrison Ford will be as bright as never before. Full of mystery and with plenty of adventures in the Spielberg-style. You should watch this episode, even if you’re not fan of the franchise. ‘The fifth episode will worth of your attention,’ Spielberg assures.