Today: Tuesday, 28 May 2024 year

107 sea turtle eggs stolen by the Florida man

Florida police patrol arrested a local man who stolen 107 turtle eggs from a beach. The signal regarding such an illegal activity police patrol got from the Florida Fish and Wildlife organization these days.

According to Florida PD, they arrested a man who poaching sea turtle eggs from a beach behind a residence. Such an activity is illegal because the loggerhead sea turtle is rare species. The police patrol all the time watching the beach, where female sea turtles are laying the eggs.

Last night the police officers saw a man taking eggs on the beach immediately after female loggerhead sea turtle lay them. This unaccepted behavior was interrupted– a man was arrested, police found a man was in possession of 107 eggs.

Now the police lab has 15 eggs as an evidence and for DNA tests, another 92 eggs were reburied by our biologists. An arrested man is in jail on a third-degree felony charge, additionally, he faces substantive penalties.