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2 North Korea missiles fired, 1 exploded mid-air: U.S. reports

2 North Korea missiles fired, 1 exploded mid-air: U.S. reports

North Korea has launched missiles again. Despite on the UN warning and gentle reminders from neighbours, the N.K. leader Kim Jong-un isn’t going to stop this activity. According to the U.S. data, 2 North Korea missiles fired, 1 exploded mid-air during the Wednesday launching.

The USSTRATCOM agency’s systems have registered on Wednesday firing of two intermediate-range ballistic missiles, one of which exploded mid-air. Military experts say that it was simultaneous launches of two missile launches at 7:53 AM in Hwanghae Province, and one more missile was fired at 7:50 AM near Eunyul.

“Initial indications reveal one of the missiles exploded immediately after launch, while the second was tracked over North Korea and into the (East Sea) Sea of Japan,”

the USSTRATCOM said in a press release.

North Korea has launched its 32nd missile from 2011

According to the USSTRATCOM, North Korea made a launch of its 32nd missile from 2011, when new leader Kim Jong-un took his state power. The United Nations Security Council five times in a row issued its resolutions, in which international community demanded from the North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program and refrain from ballistic missile tests.