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6.2 million in Germany ‘cannot read or write German properly’

6.2 million in Germany ‘cannot read or write German properly’

Germany faces another challenge, a poor knowlege of the native language, The Local Germany reported. The recent report ‘Living With Low Literacy’ shows that 6.2 million in Goethe’s homecountry can’t read or write German properly.

German language is well-structured and old language, and many foreigners struggles of learning it. Surprisingly, not only tourists and expats have these difficulties, the the Federal Ministry of Education and Research report shows. According to it, 6.2 million people in Germany read or write improperly in German, their native language, Muttersprache.

For Ministry of education and Research, the fact that about eight percent of Germans have por language skills became a surprise. It is worth to note that 52.6 percent of the 6.2 million have German as their mother tongue. While far-right and anti-immigration parties may lay the blame at the feet of migrants, native speakers also struggle. In other words, some Germans are so poor in their native language as the migrants.

Low-level literacy doesn’t link to life success

In modern reality, to be successful doesn’t mean to be literate, versatile or well-educated individual. While the figures on poor language skills may seem high, there has been an overall decrease in the number of people with low-level literacy living in Germany. Two thirds of those with low literacy skills are gainfully employed, indeed.

The study is entitled ‘Living With Low Literacy’ and released publicly in Berlin this Tuesday. The study looked at 7,200 German-speaking adults between the ages of 18 and 64 and research took place in the summer of 2018.