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American Music Awards 2016: Rihanna’s seven chances

American Music Awards 2016: Rihanna’s seven chances

American Music Awards 2016 is the most anticipating event for all the musicians in November. The singer Rihanna has seven strong chances to win the statuettes during the evening on Nov.20, while her ex-boyfriend Drake got 13 nominations, according to the AMAs vote results.

The American Music Awards 2016 is very important for Rihanna this year. It’s not only the musical ceremony, it is a demonstration of her charm and power in the musical industry. This gifted singer is on the stage at least one decade, but there are a lot of new rising stars. Taylor Swift, for an instance.

Rihanna is furious, by the way, after ex-boyfriend Drake shares a photo with Taylor Swift. His 30th birthday party was celebrating without Rihanna, but Drake decided to upload a photo with Ms Swift. The Blank Space singer and rapper ignited romance rumours after they were spotted getting cosy at Drake’s birthday bash held at Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood on 23 October.

Soon after the Canadian singer posted the photo, Rihanna apparently asked him to delete all of her photos from his Instagram account. Rihanna was told that Drake with Taylor were chatting all night long. They were all up on each other — no kissing — but touching each and other and cheeking. So, it’s obvious: Rihanna doesn’t like Drake’s relationships with other women. Isn’t that classical jealous?

“Rihanna’s one of the baddest b*****s on the planet and she will not be one of Drake’s conquests that he puts on his page for bragging rights. She texted him and told him to delete every picture of her off Instagram. She’s not a notch on his belt and she sure isn’t one of his pieces. He can play those games with Taylor and parade her all on his social media, but she wants off his page before she reports those pics of her to be inappropriate,”

a source told HollywoodLife.

Rihanna got seven chances to become the best in AMAs 2016 nominations, while Drake is much stronger: 13 nods.