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Annual charity motorcycle ride raises $20,000 for veterans

Annual charity motorcycle ride raises $20,000 for veterans

Care about American veterans’ needs is the main aim of the annual motor ride in the four states. Hundreds of bikers rode from Pennsylvania to West Virginia in the annual ‘Operation: God Bless America’ Ride. Such an event could raise about $20,000 for veterans at a local Veterans Affairs hospital, says the event treasurer of 26th ride Mary Ann Davenport.

On Sunday morning, thousands of bikers rode to give back to veterans in the area of four states, starting from Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Biker rode about 25 miles south to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

The annual “Operation: God Bless America” ride became the 26th in a row; from 1991 bikers’ event takes place on the first Sunday of June. Recent years motor ride event continued to grow, says Mary Ann Davenport.

In 2016, bikers could raise $20,000 to support the facility’s recreation fund, as well as items to help the veterans feel more comfortable. Among these things are exercise bikes, electronic gadgets, hearing aids, glasses and even shaving necessities. Annual ceremony and picnic was held in Martinsburg with veterans, who smiled and had some fun on Sunday morning.