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Apple’s service iMessage grows up at last

Apple’s service iMessage grows up at last

Apple and its iOS 10 appeared on Tuesday, impressed the fans. Among many enhancements, we could see the new messaging service iMessage. So, it brings the original functionality of Snapchat to iMessage, which is self-destructing messages. In fact, Apple is finally taking on Snapchat, WeChat and Slack.

Apple’s service iMessage grows up, at last, on Tuesday, iOS 10 has presented many useful options and even the messaging service. It is the full-fledged, modern messaging emojified platform, which offers to use thousands of stickers, GIF variations and other ways to add canned personality (and absence of it!) to the regular messages.

Apple’s iMessage allows to the sender to control how long each message, photo or video appears before vanishing. Want to manage the number of times your message can be viewed? It’s easy to opt, too.

An extremely useful thing is an ability to revoke mistakenly sent messages. The developer, Koder Inc., adds that recipients without iMessage can see the self-destructing messages on the web. Great!

Apple did its best, being developed another messaging app. In fact, it’s just one more decorated communication platform. All these stickers and emojis are not so important, but they are so fun.