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Architects transform rundown rental into a solar-powered home

Architects transform rundown rental into a solar-powered home

The project presented by the Argentinian architects shows not only a careful balance between conservation and restoration but rentability, taking into account its solar-friendliness system.

The Argentinian design studio Moarqs proved that to improving quality of life doesn’t mean the construction of the brand new building. The creative architectural idea is able to turn a neglected building from the 1920s into a light-filled home. The project carefully balances conservation and restoration with expansion and improvement.

In Argentina, the poorly maintained rooms at the back of the building were torn down to make room for a swimming pool and garden thanks to the modern architects. Moarqs experts have transformed, wherever possible, original features were preserved throughout the interior, including much of the wooden flooring, and finishing details such as iron and plasterwork.

In keeping with the sympathetic restoration, newly built additional rooms on the first floor are set back so as to not change the visual line of the original building, when viewed from the outside.

Located in the Barracas neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, the home also includes a series of shutters that help manage energy consumption throughout each season. Solar panels generate heat and electricity, and thermal panels warm the home’s potable water.

Nowadays, the most environmentally-friendly building and design methods are inspired by old buildings. For architects, as carbon positivity becomes almost a requirement, it is always interesting to see how the old and new combine innovatively across the planet.