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Arnold Schwarzenegger met with French President and kissed his wife Brigitte

Arnold Schwarzenegger met with French President and kissed his wife Brigitte

Arnold  Schwarzenegger paid a visit to Paris alongside the world politicians, legal experts and activists who are launching a campaign for a global environmental pact. The handsome Hollywood star kissed the wife of the French leader, saying hello to Mrs Trogneux and joking with her outside the Elysee Palace.

Schwarzenegger is known for the criticism of Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, on Friday, the ex-governor of California was protecting the environment and demonstrating the willingness to support this international legally binding document.

The first lady of France was charming while having a short conversation with the famous environment activist and Hollywood star. Brigitte Trogneux opted a baby blue cardigan and coordinated trousers.

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Schwarzenegger in Paris: climate deal should be supported 

The new pact, being blueprinted by top legal minds from several countries, should eventually be put to the United Nations for adoption, and impose legally-binding obligations on signatory states, its drafters say.

Participants in Saturday’s meeting would include ex-California governor-turned climate campaigner Arnold Schwarzenegger, former UN chief Ban Ki-moon, as well as high court judges from several countries.

‘We already have two international (human rights) pacts… The idea is to create a third, for a third generation of rights – environmental rights,’ 

said French judicial expert Laurent Fabius, who will chair tomorrow’s meeting.

The meeting was closed by President Macron, who after Trump’s announcement pledged 30 million euros to fund the work of foreign climate researchers on French soil.

The pair are set to take part in talks about a worldwide pact which would see countries sign up to legally-binding environmental law