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Attacks on Syrian Security Forces: 42 people killed

Attacks on Syrian Security Forces: 42 people killed

The situation in Syria is still strained, the series of attacks and suicide bombings resulted in the death of over 40 people. The bombing attacks against Syrian security offices in two districts of Homs have caused many casualties as well, Euronews informed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights informs on the attacks, at least 42 people have been killed, many have been injured. According to this source, that clashes had rocked the districts of al-Ghouta and al-Mohata after three death episodes with the suicide bombers who were detonating their explosives at each place.

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The former wing of al-Qaeda in Syria took the responsibility for these attacks in Homs, while the Islamic State announced their own responsibility for the previous attacks in this city. In fact, during the recent months, the jihadists choose their aims for potential bombing among the Syrian cities held by President al-Assad’s government.