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Baidu confirms mass production of driverless cars by 2021

Baidu confirms mass production of driverless cars by 2021

According to Vice President of Baidu, driverless cars could be mass produced by 2021, just in five years. Moreover, in 2019, a Chinese company will be absolutely ready with car’s prototype and needed test-drives. In other words, mass production of driverless cars will start no later than 2021. A future is coming faster than we thought!

Baidu is already testing its first experimental car with no driver, so Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new thing to the Baidu, said its Vice President Wang Jing. ‘Too fast,’ said other automaker such as Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, and continued to work on improvements in driver assistance features.

Mass production of driverless cars by 2021 is an aim of Baidu, company is already testing its AI cars on the roads of China: special closed place in Shanghai, as well as public roads in Wuhu and Beijing. Interaction and ability to drive safely are the main smartcar’s features, chines engineers are working on.

Meanwhile Baidu Vice President believes that government of China will be able to prepare respected laws and policies regarding brand new vehicles on the China’s roads. The year 2021 will be a start of a new era of driverless cars.