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How Barack Obama can make $1.2m from three Wall Street speeches

How Barack Obama can make $1.2m from three Wall Street speeches

The former president Barack Obama is an extremely influential person who is able to make $1.2m from just three Wall Street speeches. 

The 44th President of the United States is reportedly set to be paid $1.2m for a series of speeches to major Wall Street firms. Less than a year after he left the White House, Mr Obama goes to the Wall Street. As for Hillary Clinton, it is not the best option for the politician.

According to the insider, in August, Barack Obama spoke in New York to clients of Northern Trust Corp. for about $400,000. In mid-September, he reminisced about the West Wing times for Carlyle Group LP, another rich private equity firm. The schedule for next week is busy as well: Mr Obama is going to give a keynote speech at investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald LP’s health-care conference.

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Hillary Clinton about Obama’s speeches for Wall Street

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both are Democrats and VIP person in politics, that’s why Hillary seems to be unhappy with the speeches of Obama for Wall Street. According to her recently published memoir “What Happened”, she made a mistake when she gave speeches on Wall Street after leaving government. Taking money from banks created the impression Hillary was in their pocket.

Barack Obama doesn’t seem to share Hillary’s concern, the ex-president does it exclusively for charity reasons. Since leaving office, Barack Obama has delivered public and private speeches that are “true to his values,” Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the ex-president, said in an email.

“His paid speeches in part have allowed President Obama to contribute $2 million to Chicago programs offering job training and employment opportunities to low-income youth,”

added Kevin Lewis, defending Obama’s paid speeches for Wall Street.