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Barack Obama will continue to decrease the amount of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay

Barack Obama will continue to decrease the amount of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay

Barack Obama wants to continue efforts in releasing people from Guantanamo Bay while he is still a President. He made this decision despite the position of Donald Trump.

President-elect mentioned yesterday on Twitter that he doesn’t want to see any movements from the facility until the inauguration. Trump claimed Guantanamo Bay incarcerated many dangerous individuals, and it’ll be an inexcusable decision to give them an opportunity to return to their duties.

However, Obama doesn’t take Trump’s opinion into account during the decision-making process. President mentioned his successor will be able to implement own policies after the inauguration.

“I would expect, at this point, additional transfers to be announced,” said Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary.

The work of Guantanamo Bay was one of promises in Trump’s election campaign. He even wanted to increase the number of detainees that’ll contradict strategies of previous governors.

Trump’s comments on Twitter appeared after news last month that Obama was trying to leave as few prisoners there as possible, notifying Congress that the administration intends to transfer out some of the detainees before Trump is sworn in.

Defense officials mentioned they’ll continue to follow Obama’s policies in the case of Guantanamo Bay while they are in the office.

The center has less than 60 prisoners now. Most detainees were released during the presidency of George W Bush. Obama wasn’t able to close the facility and focused on the further decreasing of the amount of prisoners.

Barack Obama will live near Trump’s daughter

As President Obama passes his duties to Donald Trump, he’ll leave the White House. Sources say he’ll move to Washington and can become a neighbor of Ivanka Trump. President-elect daughter’s family bought a house that is located less than two blocks away from the house the Obamas have purchased to live in post-presidency.

Both deals were organized by Washington Fine Properties. While the brokerage doesn’t give details, multiple real estate insiders told that the house is a sprawling six bedroom on Tracy Place. The home sold for $5.5 million on Dec. 22, though it’s unclear if Trump and Kushner were the buyers or if they will be renting from that buyer.