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Beds for Tokyo Olympics are made from recycled cardboard

Beds for Tokyo Olympics are made from recycled cardboard

The Tokyo Olympics’ organizers have presented many innovations during last week. One of them is a bed with a customizable mattress with four different firmness levels.

The innovative bed is able to accommodate each athlete’s body type, said the Japanese bedding company Airweave. It has created 18,000 beds made from recycled cardboard and customisable mattresses for the athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

An aegis “Be better, together – For the planet and the people” reflects the idea of the 2020 Olympic Games. To support the idea, the Olympics partnered with Airweave to be their official bedding partner that also provides pillows, duvets and unique mattresses for the athletes.

How do the customisable mattresses work?

Airweave reiterates that their modular mattress design allows for firmness customizations at the shoulder, waist and legs to achieve proper spine alignment and sleep posture. All these aspects allow for the highest level of personalization for each athlete’s unique body type.

The modules that make up the mattress can be ordered in four different firmness levels, with an optional pillow top for additional increase the softness.

After the Olympics, 8,000 of the 18,000 beds will be repurposed for athletes at the Paralympics and after both Games, the beds will be donated to national organisations instead of going to landfills.

The cardboard frames have been designed to be extremely light for IKEA-like swift assembly. Finally, a complimentary app has been developed through which athletes can submit photos and body measurements to receive a recommended mattress configuration.