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Brad Pitt promotes ‘Allied’ in Shanghai

Brad Pitt promotes ‘Allied’ in Shanghai

Brad Pitt poses for photos with Chinese fans as he arrives at a premiere of director Robert Zemeckis’ new film Allied

Brad Pitt is in China promoting his latest film, World War II romantic thriller Allied.

Pitt interacted with fans and signed autographs at a media event in Shanghai.

Pitt says in Allied, they paid homage to past films of the same genre and hope it will appeal to all audiences.

“It’s a nod to the classic films of the past. It’s got good set pieces, good sense of action but ultimately it’s one of those really strong romantic thrillers that many of the classics are based in, so it’s kind of got everything. We think it’s one for everyone, it’s why we wanted to bring it here. So it’s great to get started.”

Allied is directed by Robert Zemeckis of Forrest Gump fame.

In what is argued as “one of the best romantic pictures of the year,” Pitt partnered up with Marion Cotillard. Pitt plays an intelligence officer in 1942 who is told his wife is a German spy.

The film debuts in China in two weeks’ time along with the United Sates.