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Brangelina divorce and custody battle: latest news

Brangelina divorce and custody battle: latest news

Brangelina divorce is going on but Brad and Angie’s relationships became more friendly. The latest news on custody battle are rather good, the ex-couple is working on the best possible outcome for their kids now.  Things are definitely calming down, say the insiders.

Brangelina divorce has entered into the new phase, in which Brad and Angelina show the joint responsibility for the kids’ future and try to do their best to guarantee that. Last week, Jolie and Pitt announced about their new joint business on Miraval olive oil, that ould be extremely useful for the financial stability of the six children.

Brad Pitt has accepted the fact that his marriage is over, their relationship is much better than what it was earlier this year. It seems as if Angelina has come around and been more open to Brad, especially since she had reportedly blindsided him with the split in the first place.

Angie confirmed that she and Brad were working on the best possible result for their six offsprings, meantime, Brad is spending more time with the kids. According to the family friend, Maddox and Brad have already contacted and spent some time together, that’s a great outcome.

Brangelina divorce latest news

Brangelina’s main priority is their kids, so the soon-to-be-ex-spouses have to put their differences aside and learn how to co-parenting in the most effective way. So far, Brad is just visiting the kids, the custody case is not done yet.