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In Brazil messenger WhatsApp blocked again

In Brazil messenger WhatsApp blocked again

Brazilia is still investigating the criminal case, in which WhatsApp is one of the sides. Actually, the judge issued an order to telephone companies to cut off access to WhatsApp in the country. Such a harsh measure consequences after the declining by Facebook to provide its chat logs related to a criminal investigation.

On July 19, popular messenger WhatsApp blocked again in Brazil. It is the third time in a row in this year when WhatsApp’s users face the cutting off from the lovely messenger. And this makes the fourth time when Brazil a judge is ordering a block of WhatsApp after being denied access to messages. In fact, in May occurred the most recent block.

According to the WhatsApp official said that company is not able to share the encrypted end2end data:

“Indiscriminate steps like these threaten people’s ability to communicate, to run their businesses, and to live their lives. As we’ve said in the past, we cannot share information we don’t have access to.”