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Buffett and Gates: America is already great, thanks to immigrants

Buffett and Gates: America is already great, thanks to immigrants

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, two world’s richest men, had a great conversation about the current situation in the USA, Trump’s position and, of course, the immigrants. Both tycoons are coincidentally two of the most unremittingly optimistic men on the planet.

The most optimistic moment in the conversation of Gates and Buffet was after the journalist’s question. The billionaires were asked, whether the ban on immigrants can make America great again. Buffett nearly jumped out of his chair:

“We are great! We are great!”

Both Bill Gates and William Buffet have the certain doubts in Donald Trump’s innovations in rhetoric and policy. Both tycoons are friendly when it’s about immigrants, they are predisposed to react sceptically to recent developments in Washington DC.

Bill Gates about empiricism in the USA

Bill Gates, the richest world’s man, believes that the Trump Administration has a certain problematic approach regarding the empiricism. Mr Gates expressed his opinion:

“I predict a comeback for the truth. To the degree that certain solutions are created not based on facts, I believe these won’t be as successful as those that are based on facts. Democracy is a self-correcting thing.”

The issue of immigrants isn’t really problematic, believe both Buffet and Gates. The are rather emphatic in this regards because know very well that America has been welcoming immigrants since its beginning:

“You had a welcoming attitude toward immigrants who then did wonders for this country.”

Surprisingly, but Buffett and Gates are both believers in the inexorable nature of progress, not only because they have been treated kindly by fate, and not only because they have concluded that America’s fortunes cannot be reversed during a single four-year presidential term, but because they have overseen a rather remarkable experiment in data-driven philanthropy.