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Burkini in Germany: The battle over controversial swimsuit

Burkini in Germany: The battle over controversial swimsuit

Humanity and tolerance are the main subjects of the battle around the burkini in Germany. This week, a mayor of a small town in Germany has defended the decision to ban women wearing the “burkini” from the local swimming pool. Germans protect their right on the proper level of hygiene at their pool, that’s why burkinis of migrants made the locals very confused.

The mayor of Neutraubling, a small town in Germany, banned burkini in the local pool, so this decision had a great resonance. Mayor Heinz Kiechle explained his decision with the only reasons of hygiene, but opponents accused him in intolerance.

Burkini is a kind of women swimsuit, it covers a whole body of Muslim women, which are not allowed to show the naked body to anyone, but a husband. Thus, burkinis are obligatory if Muslim want to visit poll or take a swim on the beach.

Germans see such a swim-suit variation as an extremely unhygienic garment, so protest against burkinis in public swimming pools. This problem exists in other EU countries where migrants live. Often lifeguards at the swimming pool denied refugees had been trying to swim in their underwear. Actually, a burkini ban of the Geman mayor Heinz Kiechle is fully logical, because migrants come to the foreign country and live in the EU with EXISTING rules, not vice versa. That is why Germans are so sad with such a rude behavior of Muslims, who insist on THEIR OWN rules in a guest country.

Now a swimming pool’s door in Neutraubling has a sign:

“Dear swimming pool users, the use of the pool is only allowed in usual swimming costumes (swimsuit, bikini, bathing trunks).”