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Cambodia arests opposition leader, accusing him of treason

Cambodia arests opposition leader, accusing him of treason

The Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha was arrested because he said that he “would not stand still” if “a small group of people” were allowed “to topple the legitimate government”.

Early Sunday, Kem Sokha was arrested at his home, the opposition leader of the Cambodia National Rescue Party accused of treason for participating in what the government said was a plot to harm the country. The CNRP released a statement condemning the arrest of their leader and called for Sokha’s unconditional release.

Cambodian leader arrested on Sunday

According to the information from Kem Monovithya, Sokha’s daughter, more than 100 police officers came for her father early in the morning. It is worth to note that police even have no warrant for such action. Kem Sokha and his bodyguards were arrested, and Kem Monovithya uploaded photos on her Twitter – Cambodia strongman PM was taken away with his hands behind his back.

“Kem Sokha and all bodyguards are taken away by 100-200 police without warrant after they raided his home. We don’t know where they take him.”

Sokha’s daughter who is a party official wrote.

Cambodian government justifies the arrest with no warrant

The government said it had evidence that Mr Kem Sokha was involved in a secret plot and had conspired with foreigners to harm the country.

“The above act of this secret conspiracy is treason,”

the government said in a statement, meaning the video clip of 2014. Probably, that video is the only way to nail opposition leader down. The CNRP leader talks in a clip about the receiving support from the United States as part of his efforts to change leadership in Cambodia.

Uk Khnuoch, a Battambang military commander, is doing his best to justify the arrest without warrant and solid reason. The news about the Sunday arrest because of Sokha’s treason woke up the press that tries to know everything. So far, the commander said he “strongly condemned” the CNRP leader.