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A confirmation that Trump’s bravado is helping him

A confirmation that Trump’s bravado is helping him

Early in his presidential campaign, Donald Trump labeled Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. He’s since promised to bomb Islamic State fighters. He also endorsed using torture on foreign prisoners.

Trump in his final rally before the New Hampshire primary, Trump repeated a lady fan of his shouted insult of a rival, consistently calling Texas Sen. Ted Cruz an uncouth epithet for a coward.

Yet contrary to the conventional rules of presidential politics, the harsh and vulgarity words have not deterred the New York billionaire real estate businessman first presidential bid for public office. Rather, all those moves, including the exit polls of New Hampshire’s primary voters, appeared to boost Trump’s campaign ratings.

The poll which was conducted for The Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research as voters left their polling places at 44 randomly selected sites in New Hampshire.

Many of the GOP electorate Tuesday reportedly said they want a candidate who “tells it like it is.” Trump won 2/3 of them in a field of 9 candidates. Trump also took the lead ratings of 28 percent of Republicans who said they want a candidate who “can bring needed change.” He attracted 37 percent of that group, directing leading the Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who got 20 percent.

New Hampshire voters against Trump’s advocacy of deportation of illegal immigrants 

The electorate also was strongly in support of Trump’s controversial proposal to indefinitely barring all non-citizen Muslims from entering the United States. 2/3 of the GOP primary voters agreed with Trump, and he also won votes from 45 percent of them. No other candidate got up to 15 percent, even among those who didn’t agreed with him failed to criticize Trump for floating the idea.

New Hampshire voters didn’t seem to completely agree with Trump on immigration issues. There idea about the immigration issue is that immigrants in the United States illegally should be allowed to apply for legal status than to call for their immediate deportation, as Trump has advocated. Yet among the hardliners, Trump commanded a majority, 51 percent, more than doubling up Cruz, another immigration hardliner, who came in at 19 percent