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Conservative Sebastian Kurz wins Austrian vote

Conservative Sebastian Kurz wins Austrian vote

Austria has made its choice – Conservative Sebastian Kurz wins the vote but he reportedly never wins fight with the Green, EuroActiv reported.

The Ibiza election is over, and Sebastian Kurz is back in power. One of the most prominent Austrian politicians, he obtained 37.1% of the votes, an additional 5.7 percentage points compared to the last elections. After elections, the ÖVP is followed by the social democratic party SPÖ (21.8%), which had to deal with a 5.1% loss.

The scandal in May has sat a big black spot on the reputation of Kurz’s party – the publication of a video showing then-vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache from the far-right party FPÖ proposing public contracts to the supposed niece of a Russian oligarch was tagged as a disgrace.

But time is flying, while the modern media is able to change the worst ever image of any subject or object. The conservative coalition of the ÖVP (EPP) and the FPÖ collapsed and parliament ousted the Sebastian Kurz’s newly formed government.

The Austrian political landscape has changed

Sunday’s elections showed that the political proportion in Austria has changed. There is no doubt that the big winners are the Greens; who did not enter parliament in 2017 but just received 14% of the votes. Surprisingly, but FPÖ has lost many votes and has now reached 16%.

After the results were published, the ex-Green President Alexander van der Bellen should give the mandate to a party to form a government, which is normally left to the strongest party.

Sebastian Kurz will seek a coalition with the Greens and liberal NEOS, but his popularity among the Green backers is not high as they accuse him of having given power to the far-right.