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David Bowie and Trevor Jones’ Labyrinth soundtrack to be reissued on vinyl

David Bowie and Trevor Jones made a quality and unbelievable work while the creating the soundtrack for the musical fantasy movie ‘Labyrinth’. This film became an iconic one for the kids of 80-90s, and this May, the soundtrack will be reissued on vinyl, great news!

One of the famous movie roles of David Bowie is the ‘Labyrinth’ where debuted teenage actress Jennifer Connolly. The soundtrack was made by Bowie and Trevor Jones, now this musical album will be reissued on vinyl, it’s second David’s major soundtrack following West Berlin and Christiane F.

According to a new Bull Moose listing, the soundtrack is very popular despite its age, the film was released in 1986. Originally the Labyrinth OST released on both cassette and vinyl in 1986.

Jennifer Connolly and David Bowie in the musical fantasy ‘Labyrinth’, 1986

As Modern Vinyl points out, original pressings of the soundtrack are known to trade for three digits on second markets. On May 12, you can buy the reissued soundtrack of Bowie-Trevor in vinyl. Enjoy the good music from the best musician and performers of all times!

After the death of David Bowie in January 2016, his music and albums have reached the top of many world charts, the planet still is paying tribute to this gifted performer and musician.