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Defending a White House Official, Trump rejected any links to the decision of McCain warship

Defending a White House Official, Trump rejected any links to the decision of McCain warship

On Wednesday representatives of the U. S. Army achieved emails with the requirements to “hide” the warship USS John S. McCain during the visit to Japan by President Donald Trump. POTUS called this step ‘well-meaning’, rejecting any personal involvement in the decision-making process.

The ship achieved Senator’s name before his death. It is repaired in Japan after the serious accident. McCain was a vocal critic of Trump during his last years. The President suggested it was a logical step to prevent his appearance in the media with the ship, according to The Washington Post. Simultaneously, Trump claimed he didn’t know about any such measures.

“I was not involved. I would not have done that,” he told reporters in front of the White House, leaving to Colorado for a scheduled speech.

The President confirmed his negative attitude to McCain, calling the decision of the ship ‘well-meaning’.

The ship indirectly “belongs” to McCain’s family, as it previously had names of his father and grandfather.

One of the last clashes of Trump and McCain happened during the vote on the new healthcare bill. The Senator said “No” at the last minute.

The Senator’s daughter, Meghan McCain, was insulted by the message about the ship’s fate. In her recent tweet, she called Trump a “child”, who would always fear of the greatness of her father’s achievements.

A senior Navy official confirmed the fact someone from the White House requested to hide the USS John McCain from sight during Trump’s visit to Japan. According to the media, officials and the ship crew took several steps to fulfill the task, like using the tarp or barge to cover the ship’s name.

Trump continued to attack McCain after his death. These insults were criticized both by the Senator’s family and President’s supporters.