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Denmark to launch new optional vaccination scheme next week

Denmark to launch new optional vaccination scheme next week

Denmark’s government has withdrawn the Johnson & Johnson jab from its inoculation program. However, it launches its new optional vaccination scheme.

The new approach of the mass inoculation programme across Denmark will allow those who actively choose to have the AstraZeneca vaccine to receive it free of charge, as early as next week.

The top health official Magnus Heunicke wrote on his Twitter that the health ministry would today publish an order detailing the new optional scheme of vaccination. “Yes, I can going to put the executive order on the option vaccination scheme out or public consultation today,” he explained.

The new optional scheme means issuance will finally come next week. “In the meantime, we will conduct a dialogue with the companies that have shown interest in taking responsibility for the task, so that their practical questions can be clarified,” Heunicke said.

According to Denmark’s experts,  the AstraZeneca vaccine is controversial, so it has removed from its vaccination program. Its rare but dangerous side effect called ‘Vaccine-induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia’ (VITT) has led to a small number of deaths among those given the vaccine last month. That is why Denmark has withdrawn the J & J jab from the immunization scheme.