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Donald Trump took the title of the least popular incoming President from Ronald Reagan

Donald Trump took the title of the least popular incoming President from Ronald Reagan

Donald Trump didn’t earn trust of Americans, according to polls. While president-elect can criticize results as he did with pre-election polls, experts believe in the relevance of achieved numbers.

Barack Obama leaves presidency with an approval rating of 61%, while Donald Trump will come to the office with only about 40%, according to polls organized by several sources (including CNN). The number makes him the least popular incoming president in about 40 years. Previously this “title” was held by Ronald Reagan, who had 58% in CNN’s rating.

Trump himself doesn’t agree with polls’ results. President-elect criticized the in the Internet.

“The same people who did the phony election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls. They are rigged just like before,” Trump wrote.

While experts partially agree with Trump’s opinion on pre-election polls, they believe new results are quite credible as they were taken at the national level. Polls’ accuracy also raises as they don’t need to try to identify likely voters.

Obama’s entering approval rating, according to the CNN poll, was 84%. As it fell by 23%, it is possible to forecast that Trump’s leaving rating will fell below 40% if he won’t change Americans’ attitude.

Polls certainly have issues and errors. But Trump would do well to listen to some of the criticisms. He’d be more likely to accomplish his goals with a little more public favor.

Donald Trump presented his reelection slogan

Trump didn’t go through the inauguration, but he already started to prepare for next presidential elections that’ll take part in 2020. Specifically, he presented a slogan for the next campaign. It looks like a common strategy for Trump, who demonstrated his “Make America Great Again” several days after just days after Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election. The new slogan can base on the previous campaign’s motto.

It’s “Keep America Great!” Or maybe just “Keep America Great,” sans exclamation point.

Sources say Trump even called his lawyer to start the necessary paperwork. It includes the registration of the trademark on the slogan.