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Egypt, UAE to develop certified online education system

Egypt, UAE to develop certified online education system

Egypt and the UAE are working on a joint certified online education system. That will not only enhance the use of technology in education in both countries but provide online solutions during COVID-19 outbreak, WAM reports.

The officials from the Egyptian and Emirati education ministries have discussed collaborations to develop the content of the Digital School. the joint project aimed to provide a certified high-tech online education to reach students in disadvantaged communities across the globe, especially amid the pandemic.

In a meeting, the officials have discussed ways to exchange knowledge and expertise to develop high-tech educational content that aims to reach one million disadvantaged students in the next five years.

Fo the UAE, it is not the first such campaign. The Middle Eastern country is already collaborating with Jordan to test the content of the Digital School among primary school students at Mrajeeb Al Fhood refugee camp in Jordan, as part of the trial phase.

The meeting between the Egyptian and UAE experts also tackled the necessity to develop initiatives to respond to the rapidly-growing digital learning, particularly after the outbreak of COVID-19 that led to global school closures.

In addition, inclusive education will help bridge the knowledge gap in the Arab world and empower future generations to contribute to the development of their societies.

Taking into account the non-stop pandemic, digital education endorses self-learning and lifelong learning among students. Regional collaborations to develop digital education initiatives helps create a solid system that responds to the skills of XXI century.